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Does Death Kill you or Taxes?


Death and taxes are both inevitable. When you do the crime, you have to after all do the time! Life is in its adverbial sense a crime in itself. All the pleasure we take from it in partying, they way we misuse it with drugs, they way we flounder it with our endless lists of sins. We pay up for life by talking to Death. As for taxes, it’s a well versed epic for all the luxuries we have allowed ourselves to keep in this short life. Luxuries, which we might probably not even need.

But what I want to ask here is, does death kill us or is it worry that gets to us? People can easily go to warheads on this question. But I’d make it simple for you. Worry like Death is inevitable for anyone who wasn’t born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Everybody has a story to tell. Someone parents’ died when they were kids. Some of us had to work our way through college. And every single day is a battle these days, considering it’s getting difficult by the day to keep bringing food to the table. This, the food thing, is a catastrophic worry for the people of today.

There are other worries too. Fear of not passing your exams or losing your job to someone else or that you’re not having a baby or also the fear of not performing well in society. I could go on listing worries that trouble our people, but the fact remains, whatever the cause, everybody has a worry. A worry they can not shake out of. A worry that eats them up slowly from the insides. A worry that may perhaps one day claim their life.

So going back to base zero. Worry. It is something that one should be worried about. It’s almost like what they say about fear, that the only thing you should fear is fear itself. Worry is like that too. When you are constantly rambling in your head with all the negative, repetitive talk, take a pause. And think this: “What good is my worrying, if it doesn’t help me?” Start from here, and understand that worrying does not help you in even the most insignificant atom-of-a-manner. If it did, all the great thinkers would have spelt it out for you in ink and parchment. But the thing is, they didn’t.

As a teaser, I’ll give you something that does help. Thinking. Not worrying. There is a stark difference between the two, and you don’t have to be smart to know it.

One difference, however, I will point out to you. Worry will eventually kill you. Maybe not instantly, but slowly like a cancer it will spread through your body and claim your life. So, while you are at it, remember, think but don’t worry.

Fatima Abbas


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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