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Is he pulling your leg?

I know this sounds like a cliché but is your leg being pulled at work? This is far too common for everyone to have one hard-on enemy at work place. A vile, slithering, ugly manifestation of evil, that springs into action as soon as it witnesses a smile too bright for your face. Trust me, I know. There are here there and everywhere. The sole purpose of living of these creatures is to make sure that no one gets close to the boss but them. While keeping everyone at a distance this being licks and kisses the very dirt off its boss’s toes. In return it gets a whole lot of glory and gratification. The winning title of a ‘boss’s pet’ is awarded to it while you roll blank sheets of paper into paper balls to throw at your already overflowing refuse bin of more paper balls. You sulk, you moan. That is how your day goes by in utter devastation; going over how the vileness pulled your leg out of victory one more time to face the fame and gratitude itself. The enemy at the gate has countless schemes up his long scaly sleeves and from thence it pulls out one after the other instruments of man slaughter. To this horridness you are subjected to everyday. So while you turn pale, weak and a sickly figuration of a homo-sapien you are hammered away into darkness and nothingness of business. You come to work to a plain wall, wearing a suit of despondence to a boss who doesn’t care less if you ate out of a bowl of flies everyday for breakfast. Someone’s pulling you leg and you know it. But you do nothing about it except for whining, complaining, crying, and then some more whining. You see what’s wrong with this picture here? It’s pathetic and it tells what a scum bag you are. “Hello! Do you hear me in there?” Does the integrity in you have a voice, does it live? If it does, wake it up from its slumber that it may come out as a lion and fight in might for its right. Stop having your legs pulled at work. Stop being a whiner. Take control. “Go for it!”


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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