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Learning and Unlearning

Learning is a difficult procedure. It involves not only embarking on new horizons but also testing ourselves at several fronts. What we fail to understand however, is that with learning comes the process of unlearning.

Learning we know of. It happens when we are trying to learn a new language, a new mood, a self control procedure, how to walk with a correct posture, how to deal with a certain cunning person, and how to be a diplomat and not give nor share information. Learning is a continuous process. It starts from cradle to grave. But what is important is that do we actually learn from our experiences or do we pass them by waving excitedly?

I once read in a book titled ‘If life is a game, these are the rules’ by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott that said if we keep facing the problem over and over again in our lives that means we have not learnt from that experience. A problem does not reoccur or we do not need to face the same issue if it has been handled wisely and if we had the courage to learn from it. Yes, it’s true. Learning requires courage. For it is only after a learning experience that we understand how to deal with a situation or a person in an appropriate manner in the coming future.

However, learning has a double sided process that goes along with it. This is called ‘unlearning’. This too is very important. This process can be defined as a way to unlearn things that have already been programmed in us from childhood due to race, caste, sect or family. In ‘Your Sacred Self’ by Dr. Wyne W. Dyer, the author mentions this unlearning process in a great detail. According to Dyer, it is this unlearning process that helps us learn more about the world around us and even more importantly, about ourselves. For instance, if we have been conditioned by society to look down upon a certain caste, but we unlearn this through experience that it is incorrect to do so, is called unlearning.

On the fact sheet, it should be known though that as learning may be difficult, unlearning is even more so. I say this because, to un-condition what had been engraved for generations in the  minds of our people is even more difficult, as then again that unlearnt lesson will be passed on to the next generations as it is. Unlearning is a process that requires a lot of self motivation, and more importantly, it requires an insight along with quality self-awareness.

Both ways; learning or unlearning, are a grave matter. Throughout our lives we will be presented with situations where either we would have to unlearn something or learn something new. The question however is, do you have the courage to do what is needed at that time? Or will you succumb to natural flow and not be a moulded like a rigid stone?


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