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Chapter Three: “One day, grow up to be…”

As you grow up, you’ll notice how you would want to be an astronaut one day, and a bird watcher the next. You will also notice that I might endorse those ambitions. After all, I would want you to be somebody, someday.

But, understand this, my child, no matter what you decide to do professionally; there is one thing that as being human you should always strive to be. One day, grow up to be a good human being. And if you get to that part, then one day, grow up to be happy.

I know how simple this sounds. Almost, mundane. But, you should understand this, my child, that although when you are all grown up, you will find many a doctors, great sportsmen, and ground-breaking scientists, you might however find yourself midst fewer of those people I wish you to be.

With the time-loop as it is now, and by your time, as it will be, humanity, you will see, would become scarce. For this purpose, my child, I beseech you, to learn to be a good human being one day. There will be no one date or a fixed hour when you might find yourself completely ‘there’. Nor will there be a fixed moment for you to learn one day the ‘secret’ behind happiness. For, there is no such secret.

Being a good man, like happiness, is a quest. A quest, that never ends. It is like walking a circle. A path with no beginning, and definitely, no end. A relentless struggle, with the world without and a raging battle within. My child, you must understand this, that what I teach you is far from easy. Like any adventurer, you will find rocks and caverns, a seething sea and a deepening dirt, and perhaps when you realize that you’ve got this far and it must surely be the close of your thrills, you learn, but alas! There are yet miles to go.

So, understand this, dear child, you will one day choose a profession even when you don’t want to. Perhaps, you will excel in it and touch the stars. Do all that, as that is the way of the world. I wouldn’t want anything less for you. I wish you heavens if that is what you desire.

Never forget still, that there is a duty, daunting as it may sound, to yourself.  If, I have not yet spelled it out to you, then let me be clear.

One day, learn to grow up to be a good human being and learn to be happy.




If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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