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“Better to…”

Better to leave

Than to stay

Better to give up

Than to care

Better to let go

Than to hold on

Better to fail

Than to try not

Better to forgive

Than to blame

Better to love

Than to push away

Better to be holy

Than to be dust

Better to be here

Than be not

Better to soar oceans

Than tread narrow doors

Better to dance

Than to be still

Better to be silent

Than to complain

Better to be kind

Than to prosecute

Better to be with God

Than to be alone

Better to worship

Than to close eyes

Better to see

Than to be blind

Better to listen

Than to be deaf

Better have a throbbing heart

Than a lifeless stone

Better to be iron

Than to be jewels

Better to be alive and in pain

Than to be dead and frozen

Better to stand by the Lord

Than to stand by Lucifer

Better to be miserable

Than not feel at all

Better to have memories

Than to have none

Better to rejoice miseries

Than to sulk in joy

Better to have rocked the cradle

Than to have ignored

Better to grow a decision

Than be late and regret

Better live with Ali

Than with his foes

Better to have known and wondered

Than not to have known at all.



If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

2 thoughts on ““Better to…”

  1. A very nice poem…

    > Better to be iron > Than to be jewels

    …….wow…. Very nice indeed. Regards, Zaigham

    Sent from my iPad

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