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Chapter 9: Learn to Dream

Dear Child,

Many of us stop dreaming as we grow up. When we are young we want to be a fireman, an astronaut, or a princess. When we grow up we forget these dreams and so we also forget the habit of dreaming. Dream is a wish of the heart. As adults we sometimes see ourselves in the shoes of people we admire. The people we see living great lives or doing great things. Let me tell, when we do this, we are dreaming. The thing we do after we consider living someone else’s life is that we snap out of it, just like that!

Learn to dream, child. Even when you grow up. Your dreams and aspirations will change. Let them. For they tell how you are evolving. But, do not quit the habit of dreaming. Dream, and then chase your dreams.

Today, I see people around me talk down those who have chased their dreams. The people who spend their lives chasing their dreams, and perhaps could not reach them or could not realize them, are called impulsive, crazy, even losers. I have something to tell you. It is better to have chased your dreams and maybe have failed than never to have at least tried to realize them. I know they say this about love, but love and dreams are not two different things. You love what you dream, then how could they be separate?

Dream. Chase your dreams. Never mind if you failed. Dream again. And start over.




If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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