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The Burdens of a Pay Cheque

9 to 5 jobs come with plenty of stress. But the pay cheque at the end of the month reminds us that all that sweat and blood was for a good reason, and the reason was the pay cheque. But what you may not realize is that holding that heavily-sacrificed-for pay cheque comes with a burden of its own. The bleak burden of having money in your pocket which surely needs to be spent. Somewhere. Somehow.

Sometimes the most free person who walks the earth is he who does not have to bear this weight of spending money. Money or not, seamless luxuries or not, they are happy to just be. ‘Us’ on the other hand, work our buts off the entire month, and all the time making budgets, managing cost cutting and working on the list of things to buy. When we do finally get paid, the slight euphoric feeling fleets after a couple of sound minutes, and then once more we are burdened with planning of how to spend the money we just earned.

Paying the bills is just part of the story. Most of us work so as to keep bringing bread to the table, but with the meager amount that is left behind, we want to buy more stuff to make ourselves ‘happy’. A new flat screen television, that pair of shoes you saw last week, the jacket on the mannequin from your favorite store; the list is endless. So you see what I am trying to point out here.

The free man of today is worst than the slaves of Egypt. We are running in an endless wheel, like the white mouse in a cage, the wheel is for keeping the mouse busy. And that is exactly what we are doing today. We work for money, we fret and complain about it, and then we complain some more. Then we get the pay cheque, we manage to smile for a couple of minutes and then we are in a tizzy to put it to use. The only time we are actually at peace is when we have spent our pay down to the last dime, and then we finally feel free. Then as a free man we roam the streets, with very less qualm and very much swivet, saying to ourselves, “Finally!”

There is a song by Gary Jules, titled ‘Falling Awake’. The painfully true lyrics of this soft ditty pretty much nail the concept of the free man in this world. My favorite lines from the song are: “one foot in the grave, one foot in the shower.”


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

3 thoughts on “The Burdens of a Pay Cheque

  1. The Burdens Of a Pay Cheque is narration of thoughts that often come to the minds of working people, including me. Interesting thing about this thought is that apparently it about earnings and spendings, needs and desires, but actually it is not true.
    I would rather say that in its true meaning, it is about TIME and how it is spent. Earning money is the most common way to spend time and seemingly our lives depend upon it.
    Earning more money has become a social compulsion, just like any other fashion. No matter how much is earned or spent, but the happiness comes from the underlying truth that how it is earned and how the time is spent. If it is spent in unending chase of glittering shadows of happiness sold in the shops, then it is an eternal un-achievement…endless wheel.
    Such thoughts lead me me to another bewildering series of thoughts related to TIME and its reality. Although it is a topic of my personal research for the last many years, but I admit that I have learned very little about the reality of time. I think that of all the dimensions known to mankind, TIME is the most mysterious. I often think about time as the ‘justice system’ of god, an illusion, imprisonment, a standard mode of connection between all entities, or what ?

    1. Time is an interesting dimension. i have several theories regarding it. for instance, i think that while the clay (our bodies) are bound by time, the spark (our souls) are not. Like the Higer Power, soul was, is and will be. therefore, this world, also being a physical dimension, is only administered and follows the laws of ‘time’. elsewhere, like the heaven and hell theory and the reality of the Higher Power are not.
      I might later share some of my weird ponderings on the realities of ‘reality’ and ‘time’. you might like them.

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