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Everything Changed Man Remained

From time immemorial man has made so many changes around him. In Hellenic times, ancient man thought to himself that he was far better than the cave man. After all now they lived in stone houses and ate bread. The wheel was invented and then iron was discovered. Man was so proud of himself.

During the Victorian era, man was still proud. He had come a long way. Now he worked in cotton mills, wore machine made clothes and the cobbler made him fine pair of shoes. The women consumed with vanity wore bonnets and rode in horse driven carriages. Man was ever proud.

The renaissances unlocked the creativity in man, and he made paintings and sculptors, buildings and cathedrals, colleges and castles. Man thought to himself that now at this moment in time he was reformed, a groomed man. A man, who ate out of china plates and used silver cutlery. Man had come a long long way.

The industrial revolution changed the old world as it was; perfection with speed, accessible to everyone- made man so happy. He now thought that he traversed centuries and couldn’t imagine a better standard of life.

Then came along the ultimate technology. Man surrounded himself with speaking metal: mobile phone, televisions, desktops, laptops, iphones and tablets. The touch screen technology became an epitome, and man marveled at his great works. What a fine acumen man had been bestowed with. What awe he had brought into this world.

Man in his pride changed everything around him. And was prouder still because he knew that this was not the end of the ladder. He could climb still, and fill the world with greater wonders. Man was and is so proud of himself.

The above narration reflects the glass-half-full theory. The down side to man’s pride is that although he worked magic and changed the world as the ancient man knew it, man is still just that, a man.

Human nature has not evolved. Surrounded with plenty of knowledge and technology, living in air-conditioned homes, riding a Mercedes, owning trinkets and treasures, man is still the same. The man thinks, acts, reacts, and responds exactly the same way as the much abhorred cave man.

If man wishes to be truly proud, then after eons he should have been evolved into if not an angel, but a ‘better’ man. Alas! That did not happen. Man loves and hates as the man of the Hellenic times. He kills, envies, sabotages, infiltrates, disbeliefs, spreads fear, has resentments, nurtures evil, not unlike the cave man.

Man is so proud of himself, he thinks he has created wonders, oh what a joy for the silly ancient man! He never suspected that changing all that is around him, would not change who he is. A man. And just that. With the vices and the good he was born with, and these he takes back home whither he came from. Unchanged, ungroomed, unlearned, doomed.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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