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Chapter 11: Point of no Return

Dear child,
People talk about the ‘point of no return’. It has become a common if not a relative phrase in the English language. I’d like to negate the person whoever coined the phrase. There is always a point of return. Be that from the top of the ladder to the end or from the bottom of the ladder to the very top.
Lucifer was on the top of the angelic food chain. The aucpicious leader of all the servants of God. For eons he served God. Who would have thought that he’d take a fall? But he did. His wings clipped he was sent down to earth to sway mankind into sin till the end of days.
There are stories of pious men falling off the wagon, going astray, being negligent of their duties and ignoring their services. To the point where they became defedent, abhorred, a stigma to the society.
Then there are still other stories,where felons, alcoholics, drug addcicts, people who were evil to the core and had sinned to their flesh, but they found their way back, from the point of no return.
There is always a point of return. Man can always repent. He can redeem, so as he can corrupt himself. Point of no return, therefore, is exactly the point where man can return from. Provided he his willing to take the first step.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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