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Two and Two

Dear Child,

I have a question. What is two and two? I’m sure you know the answer. The answer is not important. What is important is that you know how to put two and two together. What you decide to do with the answer that you have is up to you. It is only as important as you might make of it.

Learning to see behind the veils is an art. Few are born with it. The rest of us, like everything else, we have to acquire it over time. People say things, and they don’t say a lot more. Can you decipher what they want? What they are thinking? What is it they are toiling towards? What are their heart’s desires? So many things. So many veils. So many secrets. So many motives. We don’t know much. But what little we know. The twos and the ones, learn to put them together.

Learn to see the meaning behind the dab of the eyelash, the twitch behind the smile, the laughter behind the tear, the agony behind the happiness, and the hate behind the much shrouded love.

We are no Sherlock Holmes, but behind the creases of the bed linens try to see the sleeplessness which is quite obvious. Behind the melodious light step learn to see a man tied down in chains. Behind the humming, see the despair of the men-folk. There is plenty to see. Much more to observe.

See. Watch. Observe. Learn. So that before the bells toll you know that there is good news.




If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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