About Me

I am a 36 years old from Pakistan. I live in Rawalpindi, the twin city to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. I’ve always had a flair for writing as long as I can remember. Perhaps, for that reason I went on to do my Master in English Linguistics and Literature.

Although, I have a varied experience at 9 to 5 jobs; from working at banks and semi-government organizations, I have always managed to keep myself close to writing and editing.

Over the past 11 years I have written, edited and consulted for newspapers and several magazines. For about two years I worked from home as a content writer and editor for different companies. About six years ago, I joined a school, and now for the first time in life, I believe I have hit the heart of writing…by teaching!

I write on topics that make me go, “huh” or, “hmm”. The idea of the book, ‘Learn How to be Great’ came to me out of the blue. I hope to one day finish it, and teach whatever is that I can.

Happy reading!

instagram: fatima.tahira.227

email: acreativethought@wordwithyou.blog

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