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LiveI want to…


I want to live
A little
A lot

I want to live
For I did not before
So I don’t know how
But I shall learn

I was good
Then I was good some more
Then good did me no good
So I turned away for more

Satiated not
Happy not
Lived not
What did I do?

Cross the lines
Shallow is the game
Become the rule
Rule above all

I had a dream
It was dreamt
There is nothing more
But darkness onset

She lived a lie
Lies she lived
No more will she
Lie lie

They spoke the truth
Truth they spoke
Nothing but
But she won’t have it no more

A hypocrite she was
Life a scam
She became the scam
When life wore hypocrisy

A girl she knew
The girl knew her
Alike they were
But no more no more

Mirror images
Parallel but alternate
The new game begins
Two faced she lives.

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They have a lot to say

I find myself alone
 Most of the time
 It would have been sad
 But I like it, "oh, oh."
No people around
 There are still people around
 They have a lot to say
 The words they speak, do bound.
Alone, I find myself
 With a lot of me
 Me has a lot to say
 And yes I listen, "hey, hey!"
The unspoken
 Hit hard at heart
 Then wash off as water
 Me tells me, "There is no other way."
Change is a must
 And I must change
 Change is good
 So they say.
I would live a different life
 I would walk a different way
 But here I am
 I am always here.
There are bridges
The bridges are burnt
I stand at brinks
With no way to return.

Life is a motion
The motion never stops
We stop for an instant
The instant becomes our last.

I was once a woman
A woman I was
She left just for an instant
And gone she was.
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Find Yourself

“You can not know love

Unless you have known hate

You can not know strength

Unless you have been weak

You can not know joy

Unless you have met misery

You can never know gain

Unless you understand loss

You can not know hope

Unless you have been in despair

You can never be free

Unless you have been tethered

You can never find light

Unless you stumbled in darkness

You can not know success

Unless you have seen defeat

You can not know a friend

Unless you first met a foe

You can not learn to breathe

Unless you were breathless

You can never learn to laugh

Unless you first know how to cry

You can never know if you are sane

Unless you frequent insanity

You can not k now water

Unless you know fire

You can never know God

Unless you first meet Satan

You can never reach your goal

Unless you first get lost

You can never find yourself

Unless you first lose yourself”

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“Better to…”

Better to leave

Than to stay

Better to give up

Than to care

Better to let go

Than to hold on

Better to fail

Than to try not

Better to forgive

Than to blame

Better to love

Than to push away

Better to be holy

Than to be dust

Better to be here

Than be not

Better to soar oceans

Than tread narrow doors

Better to dance

Than to be still

Better to be silent

Than to complain

Better to be kind

Than to prosecute

Better to be with God

Than to be alone

Better to worship

Than to close eyes

Better to see

Than to be blind

Better to listen

Than to be deaf

Better have a throbbing heart

Than a lifeless stone

Better to be iron

Than to be jewels

Better to be alive and in pain

Than to be dead and frozen

Better to stand by the Lord

Than to stand by Lucifer

Better to be miserable

Than not feel at all

Better to have memories

Than to have none

Better to rejoice miseries

Than to sulk in joy

Better to have rocked the cradle

Than to have ignored

Better to grow a decision

Than be late and regret

Better live with Ali

Than with his foes

Better to have known and wondered

Than not to have known at all.


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Within these doors

Within these doors

There are those who cry

Whimpering softly

They moan to dry.


Within these doors

There are those who don’t


Fighting hard

Like the fury of a thunder.


Within these doors

They are those who preach

The Holy Book

And the sacraments each.


Within these doors

There are losers and weepers

Tough luck

But such are the keepers.


Within these doors

We come to play

Tag and all

To mould the clay.

Within these doors

There is a dance

Hands we clap

Deep sleep in a trance.


Within these doors

We hope and pull

Wishing some more

To quieten the lull


Within these doors

Answers we seek

Groping darkness

White light we beseech.