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Conversations with Self

As children we had imaginary friends. As we grow older, we talk to ourselves. Usually in reclusion out of ear shot, we say to ourselves exactly what we wish too. This we do with zero sugar coating and the words unspoken within are a true reflection of the ‘real’ us.

I’m not talking about how we bad mouth people in their absence. I’m talking about the conscience within, which is very much alive. Some of us wish to refute it, put it on ignore. I on the other hand have developed myself more from these private conversations with self, than any other self help book.

Conversations with self are highly entertaining. The inner voice, most say it is the voice of God, is an ever guide. But what I want to point out to you is that that such conversations with self, when nurtured can be an excellent barometer, and surprisingly, a mirror to our own emotions and feelings which we otherwise turn a blind eye towards.

I like to keep notes to some of these interesting conversations with self. Most noteworthy of which was while I rinsed my face with water in the bathroom over a sink at my office, I thought to myself, ”Are you okay?” While I started at myself in the mirror, the inner voice replied, “I’m fine, I’m just dying inside.”‘ Needless to say, I listened to myself, acknowledged how unhappy I was and how far away I had strayed from whom I wanted to be. There was a major lifestyle change as a consequent.

For the first time in my life I startled myself. I was so busy trying to do great things that I pretty much forgot what the inner me wanted and if it was even happy.

Sometimes I feel that my best companion is me. One of the greatest mystic secret is that man, an ordinary man, is a mini God. God lives not only above or around us, but within us too. Sadly, Dan Brown gave away this secret is his famous book The Lost Symbol. But I think most readers took it as a myth and did not give it a second thought.

Anyways, so perhaps, speaking to yourself should not be a sign of weakness of the upper storey. Conversations with self shows how attune you are with the God within. The only problem is that He speaks; we just tend to nudge away the thought that comes considering it rather petty.

Being able to converse with yourself is an epitome of morality, only if you heed to what it has to say. Conversations with self no longer keep the lonely summer alone, nor does it leave dreary nights morbid. There is plenty to learn about yourself, and so why not start with yourself.