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Chapter 6: Learn to Live in the Now

Dear Child,

We don’t realize this, but most of our idle time is spent doing two things. One: reflecting the past. Second: anticipating the future.

But since we have been doing this our whole lives, and as everyone around us does it too all the time, we never pause to think what is it that we are doing? And so that you know, whatever this that we are doing, we are only doing it to ourselves.

Think about the times you thought about the bad things that happened to you in the past. When your friend told you that you were a useless meat of nothingness, or when your parents shouted at you, or when you were embarrassed at work for saying something totally inappropriate.  Do you know what you are doing here? You are living in the past. And what is worst that every time you think about the past, of what was, you are actually re-living the whole thing. That means; you are going though the pain over and over again. Why do that to yourself?

Anticipating about the future is much more creative. It requires a good deal of imagination. But unfortunately, that imagination is negative, big time. You want to get back at your friend for saying all those nasty things she said before, so you imagine a whole new scene where there is a dialogue. In the dialogue you are the hero. You give her what she deserves, so you relegate her, and emerge all triumphant as a hero!

Imagination, creativity; all these are great traits, as long as you are creating something new. Like painting on a canvas, or musing a ditty, or composing a verse, or anything that you could possibly do. Instead, you waste all the time and effort using the recesses of your brain to come up with a fanciful play that will never exist. And that is what you need to learn about the future; it does not exist, yet.

So, my child, learn to live in the now. For it is the only thing that is real. Now. Today. Live not from the bygone past to a future that never exists by skipping the beauty of today. Live from sunrise till dusk, after which death takes you. The Lord in his mercifulness restores you with your life once more the next day. Understand the beauty of this miracle. Accept it. Live it. Live today.