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LiveI want to…


I want to live
A little
A lot

I want to live
For I did not before
So I don’t know how
But I shall learn

I was good
Then I was good some more
Then good did me no good
So I turned away for more

Satiated not
Happy not
Lived not
What did I do?

Cross the lines
Shallow is the game
Become the rule
Rule above all

I had a dream
It was dreamt
There is nothing more
But darkness onset

She lived a lie
Lies she lived
No more will she
Lie lie

They spoke the truth
Truth they spoke
Nothing but
But she won’t have it no more

A hypocrite she was
Life a scam
She became the scam
When life wore hypocrisy

A girl she knew
The girl knew her
Alike they were
But no more no more

Mirror images
Parallel but alternate
The new game begins
Two faced she lives.