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Why Sugarcoat?

You know how we all like our doughnuts sprinkled with sugar and the treacle tart all syrupy? Well truth is not like that. In fact, truth is anything but a chocolate cupcake with the colourful sprinkles on it.
I have a nag of speaking the truth, usually when it is more appropriate to sweet the truth talk. But I don’t do it. Even though I’ve been told countless times by practically everyone I know to keep my mouth shut when someone asks my opinion.
But you know what? The reason why people come to me for advice, or opinion, is not because I sweeten the bitter stuff, but because I blurt it out.
For some people not speaking the truth is as much like as not looking someone in the eye. The fact is; truth is raw, usually bitter, even sour sometimes, so much so that you can taste it. When God speaks, He doesn’t sugarcoat the burning hell nor does he sweeten the fact how He is a legalistic. He just says it. Clear and loud for those who would listen and pay heed.
Man is no different. When he speaks the truth, it might drive through the chest as a six inch knife. But it’s there. Like the cat out of the bag. Everyone has a different way of dealing with truth, but that’s between them and their conscience.
Once, a palmist told me that I will suffer great losses in life because I speak the truth. He begged me to learn to sugarcoat. Sugarcoating the truth doesn’t take away the bitterness. Instead because of the sweet stuff it might be mistaken for a bad medicine which just had to be ingested and forgotten about afterwards.
I might have suffered great losses in life because I speak the truth to the point where I don’t care if it might destroy me. I do it anyways. There are very little things we do right in the span of our short lives. I’m glad I blurt the truth and don’t sugarcoat it.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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